"It is with hope and utopia that I present to you my art, my poetry and my madness."

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Edgar Degas


"If the madman persevered in his madness, he would meet wisdom" William Blake.

I have this hope, like a french Canadian painter who inspires me enormously Jean-Paul Riopelle.

Thank you for your gaze and your openness..

Where I come from

I come from Quebec, a land abandoned by France, colonized by Great Britain. Colored by people who arrived from everywhere. Healed by the wounds made to the first nations. Always caught between the protection of French and the strength of the implementation of English. Montreal has become a multicultural city, open to the world. Who vibrates over political and social issues. Art has always been there and its voice is powerful. And me, I grew up in its northern suburb, Laval. I was adopted by a loving family and my story began.

Be a artist

I have always been creative. From an imaginary world like peter pan to the architecture of big cities in lego. As a teenager I explored acting classes and I was an improv player. Subsequently, a photography course, with a complete development process, opened the voice to my desire for art

.I had the chance to work for a theater that had its own art gallery. To develop agritourism and promote the culture of my region.

Be a citizen

Art is also a commitment to society. It is having opinions, ideas and defending them. To live it I believed in youth, by getting involved in youth forums and the development of citizenship. I have led boards of non-profit organizations. To help my community move forward. Some of my works are vehicles for messages, cries of despair or appeals to our humanity. Art is a liberation and an opening on his soul.