cvitae pulchrum ac tenebreuse

The echo of a life born

Is it less valuable?

That the sound of rustle

A leaf that falls

Slow gasoline leakage

Creator of happiness

Would it be a squeak?

Chalk on the monster

The dignified slow obsolescence

Pale flavor simulation

Acceptance of vomiting

Deep defeat

Living in complacency

Feel the realism of the heart

Paying the price unnecessarily

Or disappear in triumph

The echo of a final life

Does it promise so much heat?

What a joyful crackle

One last little lie

Life remains attractive

No matter how cold it is

It will be warmed with misfortune

Rather than getting dark

The moral of this poetry is that life is short and consumed too quickly. Be your own wisdom, for there will be no beacon to guide you.

YCD 2019